There are three main ways to support Autobiography: become a VOLUNTEER, help to expand our NETWORK and DONATE to help us accelerate the growth of the publication.


Volunteering your skills for Autobiography is a low-commitment way to contribute to the publication. Volunteers determine how much time they are willing and able to devote to a particular project.  We are typically in need of translators, expert writers/fact-checkers and graphic designers. 

TRANSLATORS/LANGUAGE SKILLS: We may contact you to translate article guidelines, consent forms or submitted articles to English. We may also ask translators to assist us in communicating with different community members and stakeholders directly, either over the phone, Skype or e-mail.

EXPERT WRITERS Let us know your area of expertise within the global development/health space, and we’ll contact you when and if those issues are in focus for an upcoming issue of the magazine.

GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Our graphic designers are encouraged to use this opportunity to build their portfolio.

OTHERIf you have another skill you are able to offer – photography, videography, social media, public speaking, etc. – let us know and we’ll explore meaningful collaboration opportunities for both parties.

If you are interested in any of these ad-hoc volunteer opportunities, please fill out our online volunteer contact form here. Please note that we will only contact you when and if your skills are in demand for a current or future issue of the magazine. 


In order to establish contacts with hard-to-reach communities and their circles, we rely on our broad network of supporters to help us make initial introductions with relevant stakeholders. Currently, we are in need of reaching the following groups:

–  Canadian indigenous rights advocates and organizations, particularly with a focus on women’s rights
– Canadian indigenous publications and multimedia organizations 

If you or someone you know are able to facilitate introductions to a member of the above listed groups , please reach out to Aanjalie at


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