Sashrika Vannisinghe, Grade 10

“Child is the father of the men” goes the saying. Accordingly, a man’s foundation in life is laid in childhood. If one’s childhood is good, he or she will grow up to be a good individual. My ambition is to be an Aurvedic doctor (local medical practitioner), which I consider I noble profession.

A number of things have to be considered before becoming a doctor. I have to give first place to my education now. I am already reading on oriental methods of healing diseases. King Buddhadusa, of the olden days, was famous as a native doctor. He is said to have treated a sick snake and cure it, using local medicines. I know, I have to possess qualities of kindness and patience to take up to this profession. If one treats a patient with love, care and kindness, the patient will get cured soon.

I have read that our local methods of curing illnesses have done wonders. Long standing illnesses and even fractures have been successfully cured using these methods. These doctors have a lot of faith in herbal treatments. Out of all the plants that grow in our country, almost all have some medicinal value. I would like to study this age-old system of medicine and be of use to society one day.

In this modern world, most people prefer Western medicine, mainly for the sake of convenience. Local methods may involve time or labour, or both, but in the end the result may be successful. So I like to be our Aurvedic doctor, one day.