Sachini Servandu Ratnayake, Grade 8

I really study hard, keeping my goal in mind. I know if I study hard I can make my future good. Our text books are given free, so why can’t we study? We have to listen to our teachers and learn. I devote most of my time to my books and school work.

I have a very kind Math teacher. She is Miss. I. She is like a second mother to us. She is kind to us and if we fail to understand a sum, she would repeat it till we understand. By observing her teaching, I started taking a liking to be a math teacher. My parents too wish to see me become a teacher.

At home, I run a “fun school” when we are allowed to play. I wear a saree, write on a board, explain things and teach my younger sisters.

The day I become a teacher, I would love to teach math. There will be students who will be weak in this subject. I’ll explain again and again, without losing my temper and teach them well. I shall show them that math is not a difficult subject. If they learn it, with love for the subject, it will be fun.

I will try to be a successful math teacher one day.