Nishanio Sauthagya Ranaweera, Grade 9

My ambition is to be an engineer. I work tirelessly, keeping my goal in mind. I even gave up watching TV because I want to spend more time with my books. I am an obedient child to my parents and teachers both. They help us to progress in our education.

In life, we have various problems to face. There are times when my parents run short of money to spend on us. But some how, we win over these difficulties as they are just passing problems. If I study hard and succeed in becoming an engineer one day, I’ll be able to aid the members of my family, in the first place.

Just as our parents looked after us when we were small, I shall look after them when I am an adult. I’ll feed them, clothe them, take care of them when they fall ill, and protect them.

When I earn money, I intend on doing some service to the school that helped me to achieve my goal. I wish to do a sincere service as an Engineer, one day.